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Silver Ocean Seltzer represent a balanced lifestyle. It starts with your next drink. We bring you conscious, quality products to toast to the most beautiful moments.  

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Balance. Enjoying today, without losing sight of tomorrow's goals. Something we all want, but very few people can achieve this. Our mission is to inspire and help you find balance in life. Start with small changes. Like your next drink. For us, Silver Ocean Seltzer is just the beginning. It's more than a drink, more than a brand. It's about a lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle.

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Silver Ocean Seltzer began in 2019 out of enthusiasm for the Hard Seltzer category and dissatisfaction with the taste of available Hard Seltzers. Hard Seltzer's standard mixing method is not sufficient for making a good product. This is how the founders started again from scratch: brewing Hard Seltzer on the basis of champagne yeast.  It took them 12 months of constant testing to find a recipe to be proud of. 

About Our Leather


It takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce compared to 13 hours to build a Peugeot. Why that matters? Making excellent products takes time, expertise and passion. The Silver Ocean Seltzer brewing process takes 5 weeks. Much longer than our competitors, but we value quality over speed. A natural reaction converts champagne yeast, clear water and cane sugar into the base of Silver Ocean Seltzer. Our custom made, natural aromas are added to get a balanced aroma and taste experience.


Silver Ocean Seltzer is brewed by the experts at BeerSelect in Ghent. Belgium has a long history with beer. The Belgians did not invent it, but perfected it. It's hardly a coincidence that Flanders is known for its gourmets and the Burgundian life. With the mission of perfecting Hard Seltzer, the choice for production in Belgium was a logical one.

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The ocean is a crucial part of our planet. Unfortunately, it is becoming more polluted and out of balance with the day: plastic pollution, overfishing and rising temperatures. We support initiatives that contribute to a cleaner and healthier ocean. To reach a Silver Ocean, an ocean full of fish. In 2022 we will donate 1% of our profits to the Ocean Cleanup. We are also involved in various events & activities, such as the Beach Clean-Up.


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