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Silver Ocean Seltzer.

The Silver Ocean Spots are specially selected locations that match the experience of the Silver Ocean brand. Places where passion, quality and craftsmanship come together. Silver Ocean Seltzer is served at the finest bars, restaurants and beach clubs.


Read stories from our partners below or request a sample package directly. 

Berlage Kitchen & Bar

Kleine Berg 16, Eindhoven

“One of the founders of Silver Ocean Seltzer walked in and said he had a “Hard Seltzer” with him. I actually wanted to tell him that I was not interested in that product category. He told me that Silver Ocean Seltzer is different from normal Hard Seltzers and asked if he could tell his story anyway.

As the story followed, my interests grew. When we went to taste the Hard Seltzer I was amazed. This was the first time I tasted a Hard Seltzer that I liked. I was immediately convinced and immediately put Silver Ocean Seltzer on the map."

Freek Mulman, manager
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Cafe Falstaff

Sint Amorsplein 6, 6211 Maastricht

“The reason I work with your products is because you are young, innovative entrepreneurs who deliver 'more' than a seltzer.

The origin of your products is clear and qualitative, the contact with you is personal and you also give something back to the world (clean ocean). The flavors are also slightly more challenging than the basic seltzers. All of this means that the product is slightly more expensive in terms of purchasing, but it is more than worth it to me.”

Daan de Ridder, owner
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Bevenco (distributor)

Vlakbodem 1c, Dirksland

"Why did we choose Silver Ocean Seltzer and not another seltzer? First of all, the difference is made by the enormous passion and drive of the entrepreneurs behind this product.


There is a big difference in taste because Silver Ocean brews the product, this is a more complex process than with other producers who often distill their product. Brewing makes the carbonation pleasant and softer, so you can optimally experience the added fruit flavor."

Willem Jan Struik, co-owner
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Steven Kooistra

Account manager

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